Do you remember when there were words
When our minds would ring as chimes
When there wasn’t fog barreling through our minds

And do you remember the lack of weight
When skin was skin
And bone was bone

When lead did not line
When lead did not root

When marrow still held morrow
And sorrow did not wallow

I remember


The smile that we had


On Autumn days like these

when love and grace
strength and faith

would pull us from our den
and teach us how to bring the clouds
to our lungs within

And on occasion I recall
the ease by which the leaves conversed


with you and me

a nudge, a tap
melodic braiding
drifting, swept

So I captured these moments
And placed them in seed

I waited four days
And fashioned our reed

As we played


here and not there
now and not then

Our spirits were met
by His patient wind

And the Maker caressed us with His starry breath
Bathed us in words so loving in breadth

Dormant no more
Our souls lit the pyre
positioned the fog

by light and by lyre